Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shops mission is to encourage more and more people to use bicycles as transportation, fitness and recreation.

Bicycles in our humble opinion are the paid, or best way to get from point A – B or to C or one big circle.  Regardless of distance and reason, why not do it in comfort and style.

There’s no place or time here for TUDE.  Rolling Cowboys pride themselves as a bicycle shop for ALL CYCLISTS regardless of bike, age, how much you paid, or how light your bike is just as long as you’re out there riding.  Cyclists are an interesting breed of human and there are so many people and so many bikes who are we to say one is better than the other.  Each bike like the rider has its own purpose.

Rolling Cowboys has full time certified bicycle mechanics from United Bicycle Institute, Shimano-TEC and DT SWISS, with over 25 year experience working, riding and using bicycles as a main source of training, and transportation in numerous cities, states and countries.  Our mechanics are regularly re-certified upon any new technologies.

Owned by Los Angeles native, Rolling Cowboys understand how L.A. is one of the most perfect cities for bicycles regardless of its population.  Where else can you ride from the beach to the snow in the same day? 

Roads are wide, mountains and flats abound, undulating urban bumps and the weather is ideal.

Stop on in to the shop any time and find out for yourself and do it on a bike.