A well tuned horse is a happy horse


Rolling Cowboys have full time certified bicycle mechanics from United Bicycle Institute, Shimano-TEC and DT SWISS, with over 25 year experience working, riding and using bicycles as a main source of training, and transportation in numerous cities, states and countries.  Our mechanics are regularly re-certified upon any new technology or advancement.


Buffalo Chip                      

Adjust derailleurs, brakes, headset, bottom bracket & hubs.  True Wheels, tighten cassette/lockring/freewheel, crank bolts, stem bolts, chainring bolts, brake levers and shifters.  Lubricate cables, hubs, derailleur pullyes and pivot points.  Check chain wear.  Air tires to recommended PSI

Buffalo Chip  Spit Shine  

Includes all of the Buffalo Chip + clean chain, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, cranks and chainring using our proprietary bio-degradeable solvents, and degreasers

Kit & Kaboodle                

The whole Kit and Kaboodle includes all of the Buffalo Chip + Spit Shine, overhaul hubs, headset and bottom bracket, replace grease and appropriate lubes and bike wash

BIKEFIT available by appointment only. contact>