Not too long ago we were a bicycle shop in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. 

Time has marched on and life choices along with career decisions we've roamed across the globe with one thing never changing, our love of riding bicycles.

With years of experience, miles upon miles, races and teams, technical certifications and more airline hours sometimes than on land under our belt, we've decided to focus on what's really important and that is when we're on the bike.

Working in high level positions for major bicycle manufacturers, managing UCI teams and being in bicycle retail at all levels we've learned a thing or two.

Mainly, listen to our boys and girls that ride each and every day.  The Cowboys and Cowgirls of the open roads.

And so here we are, launching our latest line of cycling apparel, inspired from hours spent on the road and hand Made in Italy.

We bring you Rolling Cowboys for all those who desire to be free from encumbrances and just ride their bike when and how they like it, be it on the track, in a stage race, or flat out clocking the clicks with a nice glass waiting at the end.

- Daniel & Stefano