Taking it out to the stables

Al Jihad Stables, Dubai UAE

Al Jihad Stables, Dubai UAE

The salt crunched beneath my tyres and cleats as I traipsed off the paved road with my bicycle. The sound tingling and exciting my senses and filling me with a sense of wonderment. A new place, a road less travelled, is anyone else out here?

I ride for many reasons. Most important to me is to explore my surroundings at my own leisure and to enjoy all that it has to offer. I’ve always had a keen affection towards the cowboy lifestyle and the rural freedom that it conjures up in my mind.  

Yesterday's ride was a delight. I explored a lesser known route. Along my route I came upon several different animal species, a hearty farm fresh breakfast and an earth science lesson pertaining to the desert.

My ride was incredibly enjoyable and for this reason I’ve decided to share this ride with those in Dubai.  

I’ll be leading a true Rolling Cowboys ride, roughly 65km +/- out to an area most folks don’t visit.  

Here we’ll be able to stop and enjoy tea and coffee amongst an array of breakfast options, surrounded by horses, roaming wild pheasants and peacocks. If you’re lucky maybe even a picture with a falcon.

Keen to go? Please email at tube@rollingcowboys.com or join our strava group here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/2813

Pace dependent upon group, NMLB (No Man Left Behind).  

Cost: Zero unless purchasing at the cafe.

Meet: BOTS (Bottom of the Stick) Al Qudra Cycle Path

Time: 6:30AM

- Daniel

Rolling Cowboys