Them trails be hidden by Mother Nature

Al Qudra Bike Path, Dubai, UAE

Al Qudra Bike Path, Dubai, UAE

Riding in Dubai can be a chore, there's no two ways around it.  If the heat and humidity don't get you, then the lack of good open road riding and monotony of the tracks will.

The other day, I was out with Jani Brajkovic, ex- pro rider from UHC, Bahrain/Merida and overall nice guy and we were chatting about being the only two mofo's on the road.  How fear dibilates many new riders and how the track builds a false sense of security.

We both come from lands where the only thing we need to ride is to hop on our bike and roll out the door.  Where ever a car can go we go to.  We're mindful of traffic and treat drivers and ourselves with respect.  At the end of the day nobody wants to get hurt.

But we both find it amazing how FEAR of the unknown and riding only on a track doesn't give a rider any skills of how to actually use the bike.  We're not proposing URBAN WARRIOR riding but we do know that a pothole, road furniture, change of stop light all adds to ones technical abilities of how to use and operate a bike along with how to focus opposed to being able to daydream on a one track mind.

People don't let fear keep you from riding or exploring new roads.  Every experience is a learning opportunity and the more experience you have the better you become on the bike and off.

- Daniel 

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