The road to discovery

Kiosco Morisco, Santa Maria la Ribera, Mexico City, MX

Kiosco Morisco, Santa Maria la Ribera, Mexico City, MX

No different than most, I get excited once my purchase of a ticket to a new destination is completed.  Trying very hard, I ignore most reviews and opinions on where it is I'm going, preferring to almost blindly, maybe naively experiencing the location as if I'm the first to discover.

Making sure there's enough music I'll push the headphones in my ear and clip away.  Having no idea where I'm going, no time constraint, I'm here to explore and discover.  This is what riding a bicycle is for me.  

Getting lost in my own mind, allowing the music, smells and visual stimulus to transport me into a near out of body experience, I smile at every person I make eye contact with.  Letting the landscape etch memories I'll never forget and ensuring the next time that song comes on i'm in that exact space mentally even if not physically.

It's then I begin to see the colours, textures and light that give me inspiration to create designs that not only look good but have meaning and remind me of what the bike is all about.  

- Daniel

Rolling Cowboys