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Lake Zurich, Zurich Switzerland

Lake Zurich, Zurich Switzerland

Zurich has to be one of my top favourite cities to visit. Spring and Summer, explode in colours and the rivers are filled with locals riding inner tubes and rafts lazily into the sunset.

Sometimes after a ride through the city I stand on one of the many bridges that cross Lake Zurich and take in my time there, riding with the cows, train trips to the BMC factory in Grenchen, which is always a treat or out to Bern to visit STROMER factory and founder Thomas Binggeli at his family farm eating barbecued horse.

No matter what the experience, Zurich never disappoints and my favourite place to visit is the Freitag flagship container tower and yard off the tracks in an industrial portion of the city. There I can visit thrift stores, design studios, organic cafe’s and independent clothing stores.

- Daniel

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