Jebel Jais - Designed for Heat

Jebel Jais, RAK, UAE

Jebel Jais, RAK, UAE

Riding in Dubai and surrounding areas is quite limited, limited mostly by height. There are only four areas upon which one can venture out using their inner chain ring or getting out of the saddle without being in the drops for a 500m sprint.

Jebel Jais, the tallest mountain in the UAE, in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is not to be missed. Not for is height (2000 meters) but for it’s unique geography and landscape. Something out of another planet it provides a rise that unlike most climbs only gets hotter as you near the peak.

The road itself is paved and wide, with switchbacks nearing the top. Rock formations and mountain goats are about all that can endure life there.

It’s taking a seat upon the side rails overlooking the vast valley below that makes the achievement worth it. Being one of those climbs that is more about saying you’ve been there and limited to only a few in the country and can only be ridden during much cooler temperatures.

My first attempt, (when this picture was taken) my mates and I were out of water just halfway to the top. Two of us received heat stroke. The intensity caused bottle lids to pop open several times (Cheap branded bidon IMO and not mine) and the running joke quote on the way back, “Brother I can’t do it” as I nursed one of our friends up the mountain.

- Daniel

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