Climbing a steady grade I wonder what my missing WATTAGE is

Climbing a steady grade I wonder what my missing WATTAGE is

Never did I ever think I’d have one thought about missing power. Back in green rolling hills and perfect weather I’ve been motivated to ride nearly every day possible. Southern California has to be some of the best riding year round and having just arrived back after another year in the desert, I’m taking all opportunities.

The one thing I caught myself pondering was I wonder how many watts I’m putting out on these roads compared to the flat lands of Dubai. One of my biggest peves was hearing about FTP tests, wattage peaks, thresholds and intervals from “analysis paralysis” riders.

This is what I used to care and think about when it came to power and wattage; am i producing enough to power a light bulb? If so how many light bulbs and for how long? Now I catch myself wondering well what type of road and at what speed/cadence am I going to produce the same amount of power as compared to… (some arbitrary repeat on the UAE Cycling tracks)

I’ve seen analysis paralysis affect many people including myself. The biggest being I no longer want to know the grade I’m climbing. (Seeing the percentage in a little box on my screen caused me to slow down and conserve) I no longer care how much I’ve climbed during a ride. (Another cause for me to slow down and conserve)

But here we are, in perfect weather, rolling hills across clear skies with paved roads for days and I catch myself wondering what my effort is. At “X” cadence, “Y” bpm and “A” grade.

Guess I’ll have to reinstall the battery and find out.

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